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A “Just in Time” Update for the eXtension Parenting CoP

A “Just in Time” Update for the eXtension Parenting Community of Practice

JITP Evaluation Webinar Broadcasts on September 9 and 10

Join us for a 30-minute webinar to learn about the evaluation tools available to document the impact of JITP resources on the parents and children in your state or county.  The webinar will broadcast on two dates, September 9, at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern), and September 10, at 2:00 p.m. (Eastern). Look for more information in future updates.

What Are Parents Saying about the JITP Newsletters?

We have compiled decades of great evaluations distributing mailed print Just in Time Parenting newsletters. Now, we are beginning to learn how readers evaluate electronic distribution of JITP.  The first national e-newsletter evaluation  was compiled in December of 2009 with a small sample of 21 subscribers whose babies had turned a year old during that year.  The results are preliminary, but promising.

Parents reported that JITP helped them with these behavior changes:

100%  provide opportunities for baby to explore and learn

100%  talk and listen to my baby

97%   be less angry when my baby was difficult

95%   show my baby books and pictures

91%   feed baby safe and healthy foods

91%   have patience when baby was fussy or annoying

87%   protect my baby from accidental injuries

86%   calm baby and help baby stop crying

82%   find other information or websites to meet their needs

77%   take care of themselves so they could be a better parent

59%   talk about parenting with others close to them

In terms of knowledge gain from JITP, subscribers said they learned:

100%    more ideas about ways to play with baby to help baby learn

100%    some of the annoying things my baby does are normal for age

100%    that baby is not trying to be bad or make me mad on purpose

96%    what to expect my baby to be able to do at each age

95%    to feel more confident in my skills as a parent

87%    to notice my baby’s cues (what baby needs/is trying to tell me)

87%    to feel more comfortable about talking with doctor about a question or concern

86%    more ideas about disciplining baby without spanking/slapping

86%    to know when my baby is hungry and full

77%    to know when to schedule well-baby checkups or immunizations

Track Your JITP Marketing Efforts — Get A Coupon Code

With a coupon code, you can find out how many parents (by county) have signed up for JITP as a result of your marketing efforts. To obtain a coupon code, contact Aaron Ebata and provide him the information below. Then, just have parents enter that code on the subscription page when they sign up for JITP.

  1. Title of your marketing effort (if any)
  2. Organization
  3. Contact name and email address
  4. Brief description of your marketing plan (e.g. scope – state or county wide – or if you are targeting a specific population)

Discover more JITP marketing ideas at  (for Extension professionals) or (for other professionals).

Publicize JITP with Bookmarks

Find downloadable files of colorful bookmark templates in Spanish and English.

This Month’s Tip for Getting Involved — Try Out Drupal and Provide Feedback to eXtension

eXtension is working to improve Community of Practice communication tools and is asking for input from all CoP members. eXtension would like to hear from as many members as possible by August 6th to get initial data, but will be accepting input through August 27.  Here are the instructions:

  • Go to the Drupal environment. You will be asked to log in using your eXtensionID. Once logged in you will see the eXtension dashboard, which displays content from eXtension. This dashboard will contain content eXtension provides the communities or those developing content. You will also notice that all the eXtension recognized communities you belong to are populated in the right hand column.
  • Drupal is linked to the People application to provide you with your communities. When you select a community (JITP) you will go to the community’s dashboard. The community dashboard allows a community to post information that community members need to know. Try posting a blog entry, an event on the community calendar, or article content.  (It’s all internal as we try it out and see if we like it.)  Look at the content created. The community dashboard is also where you can create or edit content.

Thank you for your help!

Just In Time Parenting


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